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Exceptional Sophie (Frémiet) Rude Painting on Glass "1797 - 1868"

  • Exceptional Glass Painting By Sophie (Frémiet Rude) 1797 - 1868

    This Glass painting was made for the library doors at the Egmont Palace/Royal Palace at Tervuren (Brussels - Belgium)

    around 1820. Due a fire in the east wing of the Royal Palace at Tervuren a lot of works from her got destroyed... 4 have been replaced again... I have a set of 8 paintings still remain.
    Very Important cultural work from an exceptional Artist.
    Rerum cognoscere causas” – to know the causes of things – is a shortened form of the quote “Felix qui potuit rerum cognoscere causas” from Latin poet Virgil, meaning “Fortunate, who was able to know the causes of things


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